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Aditya Sapre



        Art is not what you see but what you make others see.
Meet Aditya. He is known as a friendly yet professional artist. 8BITS is his creative venture.
Aditya  believes that photos bring unsaid words to life. For him, it is more than just pictures.
The magic of 8BITS starts with Aditya's curious conversation wherein he captures client's vision first. What he values most from the interaction is the unlikely friendship he cultivates. His diversified portfolio gives him chance to work with amazing personalities.
A photoshoot with Aditya means fun and exchange of positive energy.
Aditya likes to explore with all types of lights, colors, angles, technology and creative processes.
This helps him build perfectly exciting visuals for his clients.

During his leisure time, Aditya enjoys watching movies. Being an audiophile, his love for music falls in ardent category.

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